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2013 Brand Education Seminars

  • The Blake Project offers comprehensive seminars and brand education workshops on many key branding topics. They are designed to educate and empower executives, brand managers and marketing professionals to release the full potential of their brands. Download Brand Education Topics.pdf (675.2K)


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At The Blake Project our sole focus is helping organizations create brands that build and sustain trust. With our unique approach to brand building we help organizations launch and nourish 'category of one' brands. Brands in which no substitute is considered.


While most communications firms are characterized by what they do, we are defined by how we do it. As part consultancy and part advertising agency, we approach our clients' challenges as a unique hybrid of the two. This gives us a greatly expanded perspective and a wider range of strategic approaches when it comes to problem solving. Yet, at the same time, we've found a few guiding principles that always apply. For example:

The tougher the marketing challenge, the more crucial it is not to skip steps, to stay focused, to follow a strategic discipline, and not jump prematurely to less-than-optimal solutions.

It's critical to drive sales, but just as important to build the brand. A tension can sometimes exist between these two goals, and the problem isn't solved until a very delicate balance has been achieved.

It's easy to go with an obvious solution. Superior results require taking the notion of "out-of-the-box" thinking out of the cliche pile and making it a way of life.

Aligning true passion with a clearly defined purpose is the surest way to win the day. That's how we approach every client's business.


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